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2014 IYSF World Championships of Yoga Sports  May 31- June 2 2014


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Champions | 2013 Reigning International Champions

Jared McCann

United States

ChauKei S. Ngai


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2014-2015 Draft Technical Rules

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Video | 2013 International Championship

Event Results | 2013 International Championship

Women’s Division

Rank Name Country Score
1 ChauKei Stefanie Ngai China 61.1*
2 Anna Cadkova Czech Republic 61.1*
3 Afton Carraway USA 60.2

Men’s Division

Rank Name Country Score
1 Jared McCann USA 59.5
2 Jordan Palmer Canada 58.8*
3 Zeb Homison USA 58.8*

* – Tie Breaking Protocol used

2.5.1 Tie Breaking Protocol In the event of a total score tie between two or more participants placing either first, second or third, the following will be the order of tie breaking criteria:
2.5.2 The higher averaged score of the five compulsory poses;
2.5.3 If there is still a tie, then it will be broken by:
2.5.4 the higher averaged score of Standing Head-to-Knee Pose. In each case, the methodology of score calculation shall be consistent with that of the original tied score.
IYSF Judges Rulebook

Youth Female

Rank Name Country Score
1 Ali Godoy USA 49.7
2 Panchani Vrunda Rameshbhai India 48.2
3 Emily Avery USA 47.7*
3 Sougata Jana India 47.7*

Youth Male

Rank Name Country Score
1 Arup Bhowmick India 50.1
2 Kabir Samlal Netherlands 49.8
3 Danton Delbaere-Sawchuk Canada 49.1



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BKSIyengarOut of the eight petals of yoga, the only petal that is exhibitive is the yoga asanas where as the other petals are very individual and personal. As such there is nothing wrong with holding a competition on the qualitative presentation of yoga asanas.
B. K. S. Iyengar

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